What colors go with lavender for a wedding?

What colors go with lavender for a wedding?

Toss in other colors to your lavender bouquet—like white, pink and blue—for a vibrant mix. Lavender makes for elegant bridesmaid dresses—no matter the style. Pair your dresses with bouquets that incorporate a variety of colors.

What does lavender mean in a wedding?

A lavender marriage is a male–female mixed marriage, undertaken as a marriage of convenience to conceal the socially stigmatised sexual orientation of one or both partners.

Is Lavender a good wedding flower?

Using lavender in your bouquet is, of course, the obvious place to start, and the flower is perfect for slightly rustic, garden-style arrangements. ... And due to its hardiness, sprigs of lavender can be incorporated into place cards, boutonnieres, centerpieces, and more.

What flowers look good with lavender in a bouquet?

Create lavender bouquets that incorporate other garden bloomers, such as roses, bee balm and coneflower blooms. The strong vertical lines of lavender flowers play a strong counterpoint to the rounded forms of these other summer blossoms.

How long does picked lavender last?

10 days

Can lavender be used as a cut flower?

To enjoy lavender like classic cut flowers, simply place the harvested blooms in a vase of water (if you don't intend to dry them). For medicinal or edible applications, you'll want to use it as soon as possible for the best fragrance and flavor. Keep reading below to learn how to dry fresh lavender.

Should lavender be cut back after flowering?

Left to their own devices, lavender can become woody and ungainly, so to keep plants compact and attractive, it's best to trim them annually in late summer, just after flowering has finished. ... Lavender does not break new growth easily from old stems so don't cut back into the woody stems.

How do you pick lavender?

When picking lavender, use sharp shears or pruners rather than breaking stems by hand. This will give you clean cuts without damaging the stems. Cut the stems low but leave a couple of sets of leaves at the base on the plant. Bundle sets of lavender stems with twine or rubber bands to keep them organized and tidy.

When should I pick lavender?


How do you keep lavender from shedding?

You certainly can minimize shedding by drying the bunches properly and picking them at the right time. The best time to pick lavender is before the flowers fully open. This will help a lot in minimizing shedding. Dry bundles upside down in dark shed or garage, but it's important there be good air circulation as well.

What is the difference between English lavender and French lavender?

The key difference between French and English lavenders is that English lavenders are more cold hardy, produce a stronger fragrance and live longer however French lavenders can produce flowers for much longer.

Which lavender smells the most?


What is the best lavender?

Great lavenders to grow

  • Lavandula angustifolia 'Lady Anne'
  • Lavandula angustifolia 'Lullaby Blue'
  • Lavandula stoechas 'Willow Vale'
  • Lavandula stoechas 'Fathead'
  • Lavandula x intermedia 'Edelweiss'
  • Lavandula x intermedia 'Gros Bleu'
  • Lavandula x intermedia 'Grosso'
  • Lavandula x christiana.

Which is the most compact lavender?

Thumbelina Leigh is a robust dwarf growing English variety with plump, deep lavender-blue flower spikes, and a strong, sweet fragrance. Maturing to a height of about 15 inches, it is one of the most compact cultivars in cultivation....Thumbelina Leigh Dwarf English Lavender.
Zones5 - 10

Which lavender is easiest to grow?

English lavenders

Is Lavender bad for pets?

According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), lavender plants are toxic to cats and can cause nausea and vomiting. “Lavender contains linalool and linalyl acetate, and cats lack the enzymes necessary to process these compounds,” says Dr.

Is lavender oil in a diffuser toxic to dogs?

Dogs, too, can be harmed by essential oils. However, most agree using non-toxic essential oils in a diffuser for a short period of time is not likely to be an issue, although diffusers should not be used if the pet has breathing problems, is confined to a small space and cannot leave, or a lot of oil is being used.

What oils should you not diffuse around dogs?

Oils that are harmful to dogs include, but are not limited to:

  • Cinnamon.
  • Citrus (d-limonene)
  • Pennyroyal.
  • Peppermint.
  • Pine.
  • Sweet birch.
  • Tea tree (melaleuca)
  • Wintergreen.

What essential oils are bad for pets?

Many essential oils, such as eucalyptus oil, tea tree oil, cinnamon, citrus, peppermint, pine, wintergreen, and ylang ylang are straight up toxic to pets. These are toxic whether they are applied to the skin, used in diffusers or licked up in the case of a spill.

Can I use a diffuser around my dog?

According to APCC, not necessarily. Using an oil diffuser for a short time period in a secured area— one that your dog or cat cannot access—is not likely to be an issue. However, if your pet has a history of breathing problems, it may be best to avoid using one altogether.

What oils can I diffuse around my dog?

What Essential Oils Are Safe for Dogs?

  • Chamomile Oil.
  • Frankincense Oil.
  • Ginger Oil.
  • Lavender Oil.
  • Myrrh Oil.
  • Peppermint Oil.
  • Citrus Oils.
  • Pine Oils.

What oils are safe to diffuse around pets?

Your veterinarian can advise you on dilution and dosage guidelines for specific oils, as well as which pet-safe carrier oils to use (such as coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, almond oil, and grapeseed oil)....Essential Oils Safe for Cats:

  • Chamomile oil.
  • Jasmine oil.
  • Lavender oil.
  • Rose oil.

Can I diffuse lavender around my cat?

A few common essential oils that are SAFE to use for your cat include lavender, copaiba, helichrysum, and frankincense. If you diffuse oils in your home, it should not cause a problem for your cat, as oil used in a diffuser is highly diluted (versus direct topical application or dietary supplementation).

Is lavender oil toxic to cats?

Fresh lavender is not toxic to felines, only the essential oils derived from the plants are.

Why is lavender toxic to cats?

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals states the common lavender plant (Lavandula angustifolia) contains linlool and linalyl acetate, two compounds toxic to cats (and found in other flowers like bergamot). Basically, in any form, lavender can make your kitty sick as heck.