How do I find good indie songs?

How do I find good indie songs?

The Ultimate List of Tips and Resources to Find Indie Music

  1. Check Who's Playing Shows Near You (Who's Alice) ...
  2. Talk to Friends (Baseball Gregg) ...
  3. Use Soundcloud and Spotify Recommendations (Milmine) ...
  4. Share a Soundcloud with Friends (Lucys) ...
  5. 6.DrunkenWerewolf - indie-music blog covering innovative new music that posts new music and interview from artists.

What are some examples of indie music?

Independent artists

  • Arcade Fire.
  • Archers of Loaf.
  • Blood Red Shoes.
  • Death Cab for Cutie.
  • Franz Ferdinand.
  • Pavement.
  • Modest Mouse.
  • Sonic Youth.

Who is the most popular indie music artists?

1/15The best indie bands of all time

  • Sonic Youth. ...
  • REM. ...
  • The Libertines. ...
  • The Stone Roses. ...
  • The Cure. ...
  • Arctic Monkeys. ...
  • The Strokes. ...
  • The Smiths.

What is a indie song?

Independent music (often referred to as indie music or indie) is music produced independently from commercial record labels or their subsidiaries, a process that may include an autonomous, do-it-yourself approach to recording and publishing.

Is Billie Eilish indie?

Billie Eilish is an indie pop phenomenal singer. She has Tourettes Syndrome yet she manages to write and perform her music. She is very original and even tape records sounds to use on her recordings.

Does indie music still exist?

Arcade Fire released music but it wasn't even rock. Indie Rock isn't dead, but the media coverage really isn't there for it anymore. Go to Bandcamp or any local venue, indie rock is still the dominant genre. ... Indie rock is still heavily out there; publications seem wary to get behind it like they did in the mid 2000's.

Is indie music still popular?

The indie pop genre has become arguably even more popular today with the use of indie pop songs on modern radio stations — even stations that claim to play only mainstream pop songs. ... Plenty of popular music today is actually indie music created by independent bands and artists.

Why is indie music so popular?

Indie music does not only resemble music that is created without record label contracts, they resemble a much deeper message of creativity. Indie music has the ability to break away from any rules put for famous artists because they have the space to be as creative as they want, not as the people want them to be!

What is a indie girl?

Indie girls are nice and fun to be around. Because they are willing to be individual, they respect others' individuality and never make fun of it. People may object to how you dress or what you listen to, but the point of being an indie is to be brave enough to be who you want and what you are.

Why is indie hated?

People hate indie music because: They hate the type of person that listens to it... most probably because they've had a bad experience with some elitist jerk off that thinks their taste in music makes them a better person than the next person. ... They're just not really into music.

Why do they call it indie music?

The term derives from “independent” – which is to say a record label operating independently from commercial, mainstream record companies. Such independent record labels existed long before the iconic labels of UK post-punk era music, such as Rough Trade and Creation.

What is indie girl aesthetic?

The indie girl aesthetic is all about expressing your quirks in your clothing. Find those eclectic pieces that will show others who you are without you having to even introduce yourself. This could mean a t-shirt with your favorite band or signature accents to clothing-like chains.

What is the real indie aesthetic?

The indie aesthetic is based on individuality and independence. ... Indie Kid is a bright, colorful style usually involving oversized jeans, large hoodies, and small shirts. This aesthetic rose to fame again through the app TikTok and centers around bright colors, 2000s-style fashion, and a skater lifestyle.

What is a soft girl aesthetic?

A soft girl or soft girl is someone whose style matches a social media aesthetic that includes pastel colors, maximalist accessories, and shimmery makeup.

What does indie kid mean?


What is the indie style?

Indie style is short for independent style and is characterized by an interest in handmade and unique items rather than items made in a factory. In many cases, the appearance of being unique or quirky is enough to make something qualify as indie even if it was made in a factory.

What do Alt kids listen to?

No. Of course, they do listen to the music from their subculture(goth subculture has gothic rock, post punk, darkwave, cold wave, and sometimes gothic metal; scene and emo kids listen to metalcore, crunkcore, post hardcore, pop punk), but they can also listen to completely different types of music.

What does indie mean?

one that is independent

Is being indie alternative?

Indie is a genre descriptor now. Its like a softer more twee alt rock. Many 'indie' bands have major label deals. If it sounds heavy and a little abrasive, it's "alternative." If it sounds soft and twee, it's "indie." There may be a contentious middle ground.

Is indie a girl name?

The name Indie is a girl's name. Indie is an independent-sounding nickname name that is in the Top 100 in Wales. As a diminutive, it's growing in popularity -- along with indie films, indie publishing -- and the reason some parents are choosing names like India and Indigo.

How can you tell if a song is indie?

If it's on an unsigned band, it's indie. If it's not, it's NOT INDIE. Indie stands for "Independent". If the band is signed to a record label, it's not independent.

What makes a song indie pop?

Indie pop (also typeset as indie-pop or indiepop) is a music genre and subculture that combines guitar pop with DIY ethic in opposition to the style and tone of mainstream pop music. ... Compared to its counterpart, indie rock, the genre is more melodic, less abrasive, and relatively angst-free.

What is the difference between pop and indie music?

Pop/Rock » Alternative/Indie Rock » Indie Pop Indie rock's more melodic, less noisy, and relatively angst-free counterpart, Indie Pop reflects the underground's softer, sweeter side, with a greater emphasis on harmonies, arrangements, and songcraft.

What makes a song pop?

They have a good rhythm, a catchy melody, and are easy to remember and sing along to. They usually have a chorus that's repeated several times and two or more verses. Most pop songs are between two and five minutes long, and the lyrics are usually about the joys and problems of love and relationships.

Can any song be pop?

Pop is not a musical style, pop used to mean popular music as opposed to classical music, anything that is marketed as commercial music is pop today unless you are buying a classical album.

How can you tell if a song is pop?

Identifying factors usually include repeated choruses and hooks, short to medium-length songs written in a basic format (often the verse-chorus structure), and rhythms or tempos that can be easily danced to. Much pop music also borrows elements from other styles such as rock, urban, dance, Latin, and country.

Why music is bad?

Research suggests music can influence us a lot. It can impact illness, depression, spending, productivity and our perception of the world. Some research has suggested it can increase aggressive thoughts, or encourage crime.

Is it bad to like pop music?

Research proves what our parents have been saying all along: Modern pop music really is worse than older generations of pop music. Not only that, it has negative effects on your brain, too — if you're chiefly a pop music fan, you're likely to be less creative than any other kind of music lover.

Is music actually getting worse?

Music has gotten a lot louder in the past half-century. ... Indeed, Serrà and his colleagues found that the loudness of recorded music is increasing by about one decibel every eight years. So what this study is saying is that your parents are right, music just isn't what it used to be.