Is tungsten or platinum better?

Is tungsten or platinum better?

Tungsten carbide is 4 times stronger than platinum with a hardness rating of 9 on the Mohs scale, softer only than diamond. ... That makes white tungsten carbide a comparable metal to platinum for jewelry making purposes, yet it costs only a fraction of the price while being several magnitudes stronger.

Does tungsten look like platinum?

Although tungsten has a similar color to platinum, its main advantage is that it is a lot cheaper. Tungsten also doesn't scratch as easily as platinum. The problem with tungsten is that it is very hard to cut, and for this reason, tungsten rings cannot be resized as easily as platinum ones.

Which is heavier tungsten or platinum?

Tungsten is important because it is heavy. In fact, tungsten is one of our heaviest metals....Tungsten: One Of The Heaviest Metals & A Hard Act To Follow.
MetalDensity (g/cm3)

What is the densest thing in the universe?

neutron star

What star has the highest density?

Neutron stars

What is the heaviest substance known to man?


What's bigger than a galaxy?

A supercluster is a large group of smaller galaxy clusters or galaxy groups; it is among the largest known structures of the universe.

What is the biggest galaxy in the universe?

IC 1101

What is the smallest galaxy in the universe?

A candidate for the smallest galaxies that can form are the ultrafaint galaxies. The star formation of ultrafaints appears to have been shut off during the epoch of reionization, when radiation from the first stars ionized all the free hydrogen in the universe.

What is the oldest spiral galaxy?


Is the Milky Way smaller than most galaxies?

The Milky Way is big, but some galaxies, like our Andromeda Galaxy neighbor, are much larger. The universe is all of the galaxies – billions of them! ... Our Sun is one star among the billions in the Milky Way Galaxy. Our Milky Way Galaxy is one among the billions of galaxies in our Universe.

What's the smallest thing in the world?

But the atom is not the smallest unit of matter. Experiments found that each atom has a tiny, dense nucleus, surrounded by a cloud of even tinier electrons. The electron is, as far as we know, one of the fundamental, indivisible building blocks of the universe. It was the first Standard Model particle ever discovered.

What is the shortest magnet of the universe?

Physicists construct world's smallest magnet composed of only five iron atoms. (Nanowerk News) Physicists at Hamburg University have constructed, atom-by-atom, the world's smallest stable ferromagnet composed of only five iron atoms ("Current-Driven Spin Dynamics of Artificially Constructed Quantum Magnets").

What is the smallest thing in the human body?


Which body part have no bone?

Found only in humans, the hyoid bone is the only bone in the body that is not connected to any other, and is the foundation of speech.

What's the heaviest organ in the body?


What is the largest and smallest cell in the human body?

The largest cell in the human body is female ovum. Smallest cell in the human body is male gametes, that is, sperm.

What is the largest cell in the female body?


How many human cells die each day?

In humans, as many as 1011 cells die in each adult each day and are replaced by other cells. (Indeed, the mass of cells we lose each year through normal cell death is close to our entire body weight!)

What is the smallest cell in the female body?

Granule Cell