Are you in for a surprise?

Are you in for a surprise?

To be guaranteed to receive or experience an unexpected outcome, especially a negative one. If you think being a parent is easy, then you're in for a surprise!

What is a good word for surprised?

Some common synonyms of surprise are amaze, astonish, astound, and flabbergast.

What is the meaning of to my surprise?

surprisingly, astonishingly, amazingly

Was in for a big surprise?

—used to say that someone will be very surprised by something They are in for a (big/real) surprise when they come home.

What comes in a LOL surprise?

LOL dolls are little baby dolls that come wrapped inside a surprise toy ball. Each ball has layers that contain stickers, secret messages, mix and match accessories–and finally–a doll. You don't know which doll you are going to get until you get to the last layer. The doll on the ball is almost never the doll inside.

What was the big surprise given by Gerrard?

(ii) The intruder's surprise is his plan to kill Gerrard and take on his identity to lead a secure and hassle-free life. Whereas, Gerrard's surprise is his fictitious identity, his way of refraining the intruder from killing him.

What was Gerrard's full name *?

Vincent Charles Gerrard

What is the surprise class 9?

(ii) When intruder says this line, the surprise is his plan to kill Gerrard and take on his identity. On the second occasion, when Gerrard says this, the surprise is his fictitious identity that he is going to reveal to make the intruder believe that he himself is a crook like the intruder.

Why does the intruder not kill Gerrard immediately?

Answer. Explanation: The Intruder does not kill Gerrard immediately because he first wants to get all the necessary information from him. Without this information, his plan to take on Gerrard's identity will not succeed.

Who is more intelligent Gerrard and intruder?

Answer. Explanation: Gerrard is more intelligent and smarter than intruder because he did not get trapped in intruders plan. With the help of his quick and clever thinking he got rid of intruder and trapped intruder in his own plan .

How did Gerrard convince the intruder that he was not lying?

Answer: When the intruder tried to kill him and stay as an imposter, Gerrard said it was a foolish idea, and better plans can be worked out from saving the person from police arrest. He locked the person in the room and went out so that the police could not find him.

Why does the intruder want to kill?

The intruder wants to kill Gerrard in order to take on his identity to elude the police. The intruder found that he somehow looked alike Gerrard. Also he had the idea that Gerrard hardly meet any outsiders. All these clues inspired him to take on his identity so that he can disguised permanently as Gerrard.

What finally kills the tree?

The tree is finally killed when its roots are uprooted and it scorches and chokes in sunlight and air. This process leads to the browning, hardening, twisting and thereby, withering of the roots.

What will the intruder gain?

So, if the Intruder took on his identify, he would not gain anything. He would anyway be accused of murder. ... So, the Intruder thought if he killed Gerrard and took on his identity, he would not get caught. He would gain his freedom and would be free to go places.

What does intruder want from all this?

Ans:- The intruder wants personal details from Gerrard like whether in the lives alone, what his Christian name is, whether he has a car and whether people visit him. All this information is necessary for the execution of his plan to dodge the police by disguising it himself as Gerrard. 4.

What is the story if I were you about?

'If I were you' is a story of an encounter between Gerrard, a cultured playwright and a criminal. This criminal intrudes Gerrard's house and asks him many questions on gun point. Gerrard seems to be very confident and answers his questions with wit, irony and humour.

What sort of a person is the intruder?

intruder was a criminal. He was an arrogant,smart and overconfident person.

What is the snake trying to escape from?

The snake is trying to escape from the pursuing stick. Human beings try their level best to kill the snake. They take it for granted that the snake is poisonous and harmful.

Is the snake harmful?

No, the snake is not a harmful one. Its small size renders it harmless even to the children.

How did the snake avoid getting hurt?

Question 2 : How did the snake avoid getting hurt? Answer : The snake avoided getting hurt by the gracious moves of its long thin body. It entered the water ang glided away escaping the stick. ... Answer : The poet described the movement of the snake, by calling it graceful and beautiful.

Why does the man want to kill the snake?

The man thinks that the snake is poisonous and hence it is better to kill it. He chases the snake with a stick. The snake is trying to escape at a great pace so that the man cannot reach and kill it. The movement of the snake is very graceful and elegant.

Who wanted to kill the snakes?

Answer: The man wanted to kill the snake because he considered it to be dangerous for his life. Explanation: The man wanted to kill the snake because he thought the the snake is a poisonous one and it would be of danger to him if he didn't kill it.

Why did the person with a stick attack the snake?

Why did the person with a stick attack the snake? Answer: The person attacked the snake when he saw it lying on the sand. He was driven by his own fear of snakes and their being venomous that led him to attack the snake to either kill it or drive it away.

Where does the snake start moving to avoid being killed?

Ans:-The snake starts moving towards the pond to avoid being killed. He glides on the surface of the pond's water to reach the bank on the other side which has slim and green reeds like the snake's body. Here he can easily camouflage himself and avoid being detected and killed.

What are the poet's feeling when the snake tries to escape?

The snake is trying to escape from the stick. It isn't a harmful snake. The poet says it is a graceful and beautiful. The poet wishes to left the snake be unharmed.

Is it harmful snake What is its Colour?

Is it a harmful snake? ... No, it is not a harmful snake. Its small size renders it harmless even to the children. The snake is green in colour.

Where do snakes like to hide?

In addition to hiding in tall grass, snakes will hide in yard debris. Tall grasses and shrubs are two ideal hiding spots for these reptiles. They also tend to hide away in storage sheds, piles of wood, or in fallen branches and limbs.

What smell do snakes hate?

What scents do snakes dislike? There are many scents snakes don't like including smoke, cinnamon, cloves, onions, garlic, and lime. You can use oils or sprays containing these fragrances or grow plants featuring these scents.

Do snakes come back?

Snake activity will pick back up again in late summer and early fall before they go into hibernation or brumation. Brumation is more common in southern states where the climate is warmer and snow is less likely.

Are snakes out at night?

The snakes may come out during the night especially when it is during the hot weather since the snakes will wait until night fall and they can delay the hunting up to the time that the environment is cool during evening. There are others that may be active at the sunset naturally.