Is Angara Jewelry legit?

Is Angara Jewelry legit?

Ratings and Reviews: Angara has been accredited since 2009 and holds an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, with an average 5 star rating from a total of 54 customer reviews. ... There are nine listed complaints on BBB for Angara.

Is Angara good quality?

The Quality It's always good to start with the positives, and for Angara that means taking a look at their gemstones and semi-precious stones. ... In all there is nothing striking about the quality in Angara. It's all fairly good.

Are Angara diamonds real?

Stepping out into a competitive market, Angara offer diamond and gemstone jewelry including engagement rings. Angara are based in LA but they outsource much of their jewelry making to Thailand and India.

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fiancee Add to list Share. A fiancée is a woman engaged to be married. ... A fiancée is a woman engaged to be married; a man engaged to be married is a fiancé — two "e"s for a woman, one for a man — according to French spelling conventions.