How do you figure out food cost for catering?

How do you figure out food cost for catering?

To calculate the ideal food cost, first determine the food cost of each menu item. Then multiply the cost of each menu item by the number of times it was sold in a given period of time. In other words, you multiply by the sales mix. Your POS system should be able to hand you the sales mix at the touch of a button.

What is a catering menu program?

The catering menu program includes a series of menus that reflect a variety of catering services and meals. ... The style of table service selected by a caterer reflects staff capabilities and the level of cuisine being served.

What does a menu include?

A Menu Definition. ... The traditional menu definition is a list of food or drink items available for purchase, or a list of food or drink items that will be served.

Do caterers have a minimum?

Private parties (like birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, etc.) are usually the most price sensitive. Minimums of $1,000 can be an issue if you have less than 50 guests. If you have 50 guests or more, expect to pay between $20-$40 per person for regular catering.

What are the classification of catering?

Here are the four general types of catering to consider:

  • Wedding Catering. While we are all familiar with wedding catering, we can also agree that catering makes a huge impact on that special day. ...
  • Corporate Catering. ...
  • Social Event Catering. ...
  • Concession Catering.

What are the 4 general types of catering?

4 Types of Catering

  • Corporate Catering. Corporate catering refers to the provision of food and drinks to business and corporate functions. ...
  • Social Event Catering. Social event functions are more intimate affairs and require greater attention to detail by the caterer. ...
  • Concession Catering.

What are the factors that contribute successful catering?

5 important factors of the catering industry

  • Dietary requirements. Being on top of all attendees' dietary requirements is an important aspect of catering. ...
  • Customer service. Any industry where you have to deal directly with customers can have its ups and downs, especially when it comes to food and beverages. ...
  • Account for the weather. ...
  • Hygiene is paramount. ...
  • Supply.

How do you price a menu item?

Use the following equation: Price = Raw Food Cost of Item / Ideal Food Cost Percentage. You can slightly alter the price to make it a rounder or cleaner number. In the example below, you could change it to a number such as $14.

How do I sell catering?

These are the most effective ways I've found to market a catering business.

  1. Focus Your Efforts on Building Word-of-Mouth Buzz and Referrals.
  2. Leverage an Army of Bloggers to Help.
  3. Build Your Visual Brand on Social Media.
  4. Get Placement on “Preferred Vendor” Venue Lists.
  5. Work a Few Morning Farmer's Markets.

Who is the target market for catering?

Individuals, organizations and businesses use catering companies for special events and occasions, such as birthdays, weddings, charity galas and business conferences. As the demand for catering services increases, entrepreneurs can start catering ventures designed to reach specific target markets.