What towns are considered South Shore Massachusetts?

What towns are considered South Shore Massachusetts?

The South Shore Region includes the communities of Cohasset, Scituate, Norwell, Hanover, Marshfield, Pembroke, Duxbury, Kingston, and Plymouth.

What towns make up the North Shore of Massachusetts?

The North Shore of Massachusetts is the region north of Boston, along the Atlantic coast. It includes, among others, the towns of Lynn, Gloucester, Beverly, Salem and Newburyport. Each has their own history dating back four centuries.

Does Massachusetts have a coastline?

Thirty states have a coastline: twenty-three with a coastline on the Arctic Ocean, Atlantic Ocean (including the Gulf of Mexico), and/or Pacific Ocean, and eight with a Great Lakes shoreline....Table.
State or territoryMassachusetts
Method 2 (NOAA)Coastline1,519 mi (2,445 km)
Ratio (M2÷M1)7.

What state has the most waterfront property?

state of Alaska

What country has the longest coastline in the world?


Which is the world's most popular country?

United Nations World Tourism Organization released a list showing the most beloved countries of the world.

  1. France — 89.

    What is the longest country in the world?


    What country has the least coastline?


    What country has the shortest coastline in Africa?

    Democratic Republic of Congo

    Which African country has the longest coastline?


    What country is the newest in the world to be Recognised by the UN?

    South Sudan

    What is the most youngest country in the world?

    The youngest country in the world is Niger, where almost 50% of the population is below the age of 15.

    What is the youngest country on earth?

    South Sudan

    What country has never been in a war?

    San Marino

    What is the world's healthiest country?

    10 Healthiest Countries in the World

    • Singapore. ...
    • Australia. ...
    • Sweden. ...
    • Switzerland. ...
    • Japan. ...
    • Iceland. ...
    • Italy. Che meraviglia: Children born in Italy can expect to live into their eighties. ...
    • Spain. There must be something in the paella, because Spain is officially the healthiest country in the world.

    What are the 10 oldest countries?

    What are the 10 oldest countries? Egypt, Iran, Armenia, China, Japan, Ethiopia, Greece, Portugal, San Marino, and France are the top 10 oldest countries in the world.

    Which culture is oldest in the world?

    Sumerian civilization

    Which is the most powerful country in the world in 2020?

    United States The US

    What countries dont exist anymore?

    Countries That No Longer Exist 2021

    • Abyssinia: now known as Ethiopia.
    • Austria-Hungary: a region that included Austria, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Romania, the Czech Republic, and the Balkans. ...
    • Basutoland: now known as Lesotho.
    • Bengal: now part of India and Bangladesh.
    • Burma: now known as Myanmar.
    • Catalonia: an autonomous region of Spain.

    Which country does not exist today?

    Today, Lesotho is ruled by a constitutional monarchy, complete with a royal family. Along with the Vatican and San Marino, it is one of only three countries in the world to be completely surrounded by another country, in this case South Africa.

    Why do empires not exist anymore?

    Originally Answered: Why don't empires exist anymore? The global growth of nationalism made it too expensive to maintain them. And there were powerful anti-imperialist movements. Some socialist or communist.

    Which African country no longer exists?

    State of Libya

    Which country did not exist after 1991?

    Yugoslavia (1918–1992) Tito was successful in holding the country together but after his death in 1980, simmering ethnic tensions came to the fore as the economy faltered. Slovenia and Croatia declared independence in 1991, and the bitter Yugoslav Wars that followed led to the breakup of the nation in 1992.

    What is the shortest lived country?

    Among the candidates for the shortest-lived country is the Sultanate of Zanzibar for one day in 1963, the Republic of Crimea for one day in 2014, and the Russian Democratic Federative Republic, which only lasted about six hours in 1918.