Who's the worst singer in BTS?

Who's the worst singer in BTS?

Jin is the one in BTS with the most formal vocal training. That's because he used to be the worst in the vocal line, but looking back now it was really good for him.

Who is the best kisser in BTS?

How BTS would kiss you (Best to Worst)

  • Namjoon is consistently a very good kisser. His kisses would be long, sinking and incredibly sensual, leaving your body quaking and eager for more. ...
  • Jimin. Jimin would make you feel like you were the only girl in the world when you kissed. ...
  • Jungkook. ...
  • Suga. ...
  • Jin. ...
  • J-Hope. ...
  • V.

Who has the best body in BTS?

jimin said that Jin actually has the best body in BTS #btsreact.

Who has the best voice BTS?


Who has best smile in BTS?

Best Smile In BTS

  • Jin. 6.

    Who has the sweetest voice in BTS?

    Who has the sweetest voice in bts ?

    • Jung kook. 33.

      Who is least talented in BTS?

      Outside of the stage, his acting is cringey and has no talents for sports. It's no surprise that Tae is one of the two dumbest members in BTS.

      Is V popular than Jungkook?

      Putting to the end, Jungkook is the most popular BTS member for the rest of 2020. But in that instance of Non-Fans, V is the most Captivating and famous among BTS. BTS's popularity already reached over the moon in 2020 with their dynamic hit Dynamite.

      Who is more famous V or Jungkook?

      Additionally, Jungkook finds popularity in the United States. On Ranker, Jungkook scores second place among fan-favorites, about 5,000 votes behind V. According to Econotimes, Jungkook is the most searched BTS member on Google.

      Why is V so popular?

      V is popular for a lot of reasons — his unique voice, next-level visuals, amazing personality, and more. But the BTS star admitted that he had always been popular even before he was a part of the biggest boy group on the planet.

      Why is tae called V?

      Taehyung picked the letter V because he said it stands for Victory. Early BTS before debut no one was sure if he was going to be included inn the BTS lineup. ... He choose V because our stands for Victory. He also has the nickname TaeTae.

      Why is BTS banned in China?

      The Chinese outlet Global Times said Friday that Weibo banned seven BTS accounts and ten pop music fan accounts. ... The accounts were suspended for encouraging inappropriate behaviors including cyberbullying and improper fundraising and voting,” the Global Times claimed.