What does Show Me Your Mumu mean?

What does Show Me Your Mumu mean?

Show Me Your MuMu uses “Social Mu-dia” to promote and share the story behind the clothes. Its social media presence encourages customer engagement and loyalty. An example is Show Me Your MuMu promotes a “MuMu Monday Giveaway” on Instagram.

Who started Show Me Your Mumu?

Cologne Trude

How do I return to Mumu?

Returns Policy

  1. To qualify for a refund, your return must be made within 30 Days of the delivery date. ...
  2. All Sale Items (except bridesmaids dresses), jewelry purchases and Mumu Finds are Final Sale.
  3. Items must have all tags attached and in its original packaging.

Where is Show Me Your Mumu located?

Venice Beach

How do I return the Reformation?

You have 21 days from the ship date to bring it back to the store. Please return the stuff you buy in-store, back to the store....In your return please:

  1. Put anything you don't want in a mailer.
  2. Visit our Returns and Exchanges page.
  3. Stick the return label on the mailer.
  4. Drop off your return to the courier on the label.

Can you exchange final sale items?

Many stores sell items subject to a “final sale.” What this means, however, is that the customer does not have the right to return it if he doesn't like it or changes his mind. To that extent the sale is “final.” It does not mean you must accept broken items. If the gift was broken there would be a breach of warranty.

Is Reformation a good brand?

Reformation is a women's clothing brand known for selling summer dresses, tops, and high-quality jeans. The brand outwardly markets itself as a sustainable business, focusing on producing eco-friendly and ethically made apparel. Reformation has gained a tremendous following over the years.

Does Reformation have free shipping?

We offer free worldwide shipping on all orders.

Does Reformation accept promo codes?

Does Reformation have any working Coupons & Promo Codes at the moment? Yes! We've found 5 coupons for Reformation.

How do Reformation sizes run?

Overall I'd say that Reformation dresses and bottoms run small, but tops run true to size. Additionally, I would say that their sizing is pretty consistent within their brand. I know brands like Topshop also run small, but it's hit or miss which products will actually run small, normal, or big.

Does Reformation have a student discount?

No, Reformation does not offer student discounts.

Does Reformation give birthday discounts?

No, Reformation does not offer birthday discounts.

How does Reformation waitlist work?

If an item is Waitlisted it means that we will most likely be making more! Sign up with your email and let us know your preferred color and size. We will email you to let you know if it becomes available.

Where can I try the Reformation?

  •  Vintage Melrose. 8253 Melrose Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90046. ...
  •  Valencia. 914 Valencia St. San Francisco, CA 94110. ...
  •  Platform. 8810 Washington Blvd. Culver City, CA 90232. ...
  •  Melrose. 8000 Melrose Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90046. ...
  •  Fillmore. 2360 Fillmore St. ...
  •  Santa Monica. 2937 Main St. ...
  •  Palisades. 15225 Palisades Village Ln.

What is similar to reformation?

Just like we did with our guide to brands like Everlane, below, we share 10 brand similar to Reformation we know you'll love.

  • Staud. staud.clothing. 477K followers. ...
  • Posse. posse. ...
  • Faithfull the Brand. faithfullthebrand. ...
  • With Jéan. withjean. ...
  • Stone Cold Fox. stone_cold_fox. ...
  • Réalisation Par. realisationpar. ...
  • Sir. sir_thelabel. ...
  • Rouje. rouje.

What brand is similar to reformation?

For Love & Lemons is another Los Angeles-based brand that offers a similar charm to Reformation.

Is the Reformation overpriced?

Reformation product is often regarded as expensive by consumers and competitors. ... Eco-friendly brand Everlane also undercuts Reformation's prices. While not offering the most competitive price point, Reformation's pricing has remained consistent over time.

Is Reformation really dry clean only?

you can easily dress it up or down and it's very versatile. this is a summer dress i adore and would wear all the time, if not for the only con – it's dry clean only.

How can you tell if a reformation dress is real?

The imprint is uneven and weaker in some places. The Green circles are real Reformation Tags and the red circle is the knockoff Reformation Dress that I received. The fake Reformation dress also has a black string, while the authentic tags have a white one.

What is so special about reformation?

Reformation is in many ways an environmental leader, which is why its environmental rating is 'Great'. ... It provides a RefScale for each of its garments, breaking down the item's impact on the environment for you, and even uses recycled paper hangers and minimises the use of packaging with 100% consumer waste materials.

Are Reformation dresses worth it?

Was this Reformation dress worth it? Maybe not full price, but if you can get it on sale, like at Nordstrom, it definitely is. If the style is timeless, and you love it, it's worth it… but keep in mind that although the Ref is more environmentally friendly, it does not mean that their dresses are forever quality.

Why is reformation so popular?

It's hard to pinpoint to just one aspect of Reformation as the secret behind its success. The brand is successful because it created a paradigm shift in fashion by offering sustainability at scale. And it continues to thrive because of its one of a kind aesthetic and voice.

Why is reformation so expensive?

But why exactly is Reformation so expensive? As outlined by EDITED, the prices reflect the brand's commitment to sustainability. ... We balance all of the water and waste used to make our stuff, and we're a 100 percent carbon neutral company," says Reformation's official website.

Can you machine wash Reformation?

Wash clothes in cold water, as opposed to warm or hot, and always wait until you have a full load. Scan the label and choose a plant-based detergent free of fragrance, optical brighteners, chlorine, and phosphates that are all bad for you and the environment.

Can you hand wash Reformation dresses?

I'd fallen hard for its fluttery hemline and sleeves — and the fact that, despite its mini length and V neck, it wasn't too scandalous to wear to work. ... Well, this garment feels that way all the time, so you've got to hand-wash it. Use a delicate soap and lay flat to dry to keep this baby looking its best.”

Do reformation dresses run small?

Their denim definitely runs small and I recommend sizing up at least one size. As far as dresses and skirts, I typically find myself picking up my usual size, but sometimes can be more comfortable in the next size up. And for fitted tops, I almost always size up.

What size should a reformation dress be?

Size guide & charts
US SizeBustWaist

What is a size 8 dress?

Dress size chart
BustWaistUS size
86-89 cm (33.

Are expensive dresses worth it?

Quality clothes, while usually more expensive, are worth the investment. They not only last longer, but they also can make you feel better.