Where can I host an event in NYC?

Where can I host an event in NYC?

Event Venues in New York

  • The Bronx Loft. Elegance in the Bronx.
  • Stars Cafe.
  • The Glasshouses.
  • The Farm Soho.
  • WeWork Bryant Park, NYC. Elegant Ballroom Overlooking Beautiful Bryant Park.
  • Canary Club.
  • Meaux Space.
  • The Space at Flatiron, NYC. Stunning Ground Level Premium Event Space with all of the Amenities!

How many New York venues are there?

There are 600 Party Venues in and around New York at Eventective.com. Use the filter options to find your Perfect New York Party Venue.

How do I get event spaces?

How to Start an Event Venue in 6 Steps

  1. Do your research.
  2. Find a location.
  3. Buy (some) equipment.
  4. Promote your venue.
  5. Price competitively.
  6. Provide a great experience.

Are event venues profitable?

Owning a wedding venue can be a very profitable business, but not if you take on too much debt. ... This business is a lot of work, and if you get in over your head in terms of debt and assume you'll book 50, or 100, or 150 weddings a year, you could find yourself working nonstop and breaking even.

Will swannell hire space?

Will Swannell is the CEO and co founder of Hire Space, an online bookings platform that helps people find and book great local spaces from traditional event venues to rooftops & boats. They have 12,000 spaces in 4,000 venues with over 50,000 customers, having raised over $3.

Where should you not stay in NYC?

Know where not to go in New York, including Brownsville, Soundview, and much of the Bronx. Instead, stick to some of the safest neighborhoods in NYC, such as Tudor City, Carnegie Hill, Battery Park City, Beekman, Sutton Place, and Roosevelt Island.

Where do the celebrities hang out in NYC?

Where You Can Find Celebrities in NYC

  • The Hotel Rivington. You might want to take a night out to the Hotel on Rivington, a premier destination of the Lower East Side. ...
  • The Bowery Hotel. ...
  • The Polo Bar. ...
  • 1 OAK. ...
  • Bagatelle. ...

Can 18 year olds go to bars in NYC?

NYC bouncers and bartenders are very strict about asking for identification before serving anyone at a bar or club. Although many venues around the city are open to anyone 18 years of age and older, you won't be able to purchase a drink or even have one in your hand without a 21-and-over wristband or stamp.

What can you do in NYC at 18?

Here are a few things to do that are fun for all ages, especially teenagers.

  • Catch a Broadway Show. ...
  • Appear on Your Favorite Morning Show. ...
  • Check Out The High Line. ...
  • Stop by Chelsea Market. ...
  • Get Your Aura Read on Canal Street. ...
  • Explore the Metropolitan Museum of Art. ...
  • Get Some Fresh Air at Central Park.

Do they scan IDs at clubs?

ID scanners help with venue management by ensuring that only people legally allowed to enter will do so. ... ID scanners for bars and nightclubs also keep lines orderly and moving quickly. For instance, Scantek units take only two seconds to scan and record a patron's passport, driver's license, or proof of age card.

How much is it to get into E11EVEN?

Cover charge is a standard item at E11even Nightclub at the entrance. Men typically pay between $30 and $75 dollars and women between $20 and $50....How Much Is E11even Nightclub Cover Charge?
Cover ChargePrice
Females$20 - $50
Males$30 - $75
Females Guest ListFree
Males Guest ListFree

How much does a table at E11even cost?

The table prices at E11even range between $100 to $6000. The average table at E11even will cost around $2000. On most events, with a budget of $2000, you will be able to reserve the table Lower VIP Table for up to 8 guests.

How much is a table at story?

The table prices at STORY range between $500 to $20000. The average table at STORY will cost around $3500. On most events, with a budget of $3500, you will be able to reserve the table Outer Dance Floor Table for up to 12 guests.

How much is a section at Liv?

Venue Description Tables at LIV start at a $1500 minimum plus tax/tip and increase depending on your groups size, ratio and DJ/act on a given night. Dancefloor tables will run you at least $3000 plus tax/tip. Liv is located at the Fountainebleau Hotel on Collins Street. Upscale club attire!

How much is a table at a club in Miami?

The tables at the high-end LIV nightclub in Miami start at around $1500 as the minimum spends in addition to the tips & taxes. The exclusive dance floor tables at the club could cost you around $3K along with the tax or tip at the minimum range.

What is the dress code for Miami clubs?

Miami clubs run a strict door policy, with guys expected to wear a button down shirt, dress pants or dark jeans and shoes. No ripped jeans, shorts, polo shirts, T shirts or tennis shoes are allowed. You want to look as good as possible, and better than every other guy at that club.