What is a promise ring meant for?

What is a promise ring meant for?

A promise ring signifies a promise to take the relationship seriously. It also symbolizes hope for the relationship's future development. It does not promise marriage, however, like engagement rings do.

Where can I get a good promise ring?

Where to Buy Promise Rings

  • Blue Nile (Diamond and Gemstone Rings)
  • James Allen (Diamond and Gemstone Rings)
  • Leibish & Co. (Gemstone Rings)

How do you give your girlfriend a promise ring?

  1. Wrap It. One of the easiest ways to present a promise ring is as a gift. ...
  2. Go To a Romantic Locale. Got a location that you and your girlfriend consider "yours," such as the place where you first kissed or the restaurant where you had your first date. ...
  3. Make It a Surprise. ...
  4. Buy the Ring Together.

Do you propose with a promise ring?

So, can I propose with a promise ring? Sometimes yes. ... Many people use promise rings to propose! But since promise rings can mean anything you want, it is good that you make your intent clear so as not to create erroneous expectations or to wait for her clear “yes”.

What is the difference between a promise ring and engagement?

Engagement Rings convey a specific commitment to get married. They insinuate that you're actively planning a wedding. Promise Rings symbolize a special commitment, but have a much wider spectrum of potential meanings. They can really represent any specific meaning, or commitment, that you choose to convey.