Is live a good band?

Is live a good band?

Live came late into the grunge scene and that may explain why theyre are not so greatly remembered but they possess a unique sound and deserve to be recognized as one of the great bands of the 90s alternative movement.

What happen to the band live?

The band has sold over 20 million albums worldwide. ... An acrimonious split soon occurred, with Kowalczyk leaving the band. However, Live continued with singer Chris Shinn and released the album The Turn in October 2014. Kowalczyk rejoined the band in December 2016 and in 2018 they released a new EP Local 717.

How do I find a good live wedding band?

How to Find a Band for Your Wedding

  1. Encore: There are typically three ways that a couple can find a band: They attend an event (concert, corporate party, etc.) ...
  2. Jim Eppolitto: Most of my clients do business with me on the phone while viewing my agency's website, which includes pictures, live videos, and testimonials form recent clients and venue owners.

Does the band live still tour?

Live's Ed Kowalczyk Talks Band Reunion and Planning a New Album in Quarantine. Since reuniting in 2016, Live hasn't stopped touring. They had to be stopped.

What is a live band?

A live band is stimulating — it is visual, original, active, able to generate energy that the audience can feel, and composed of a group of “real” musicians that your guests can celebrate with.

Who is the lead singer for live?

Ed Kowalczyk

Why did live band break up?

After a quarter of a century with the group, Kowalczyk and Live parted ways when the singer was slapped with a 2010 breach-of-contract lawsuit by Patrick Dahlheimer (bass) and the Chads, Chad Gracey (drums) and Chad Taylor (guitar), who were seeking money from a publishing deal that Kowalczyk had entered into several ...

Are live a religious band?

Live is sometimes thought of as a Christian band, and Ed Kowalcyk specifically said that "I Alone" was written about the Christian church.

What happened to throwing copper?

The remaining members – guitarist Chad Taylor, bassist Patrick Dahlheimer and drummer Chad Gracey – then re-formed Live with a different singer named Chris Shinn, releasing The Turn in 2014 to little fanfare. By 2016, Shinn was gone and Kowalczyk returned for a reunion, eventually releasing Live's latest EP, Local 717.

Who mixed Throwing Copper?

Throwing Copper
ProducerJerry Harrison, Live
Live chronology
Mental Jewelry (1991) Throwing Copper (1994) Secret Samadhi (1997)

What is the meaning of Throwing Copper?

I ask because in the native cultures of northwest (as in coastal British Columbia) "throwing copper" was an ultimate insult or challenge in a potlatch. "Coppers" were ornately designed shields and symbols of wealth and power. If a chief would "throw his copper" at the feet of another, it would be a challenge.

Is Throwing Copper a good album?

Throwing Copper is the second and most popular album by the Pennsylvania rock band Live. ... The result of this is an indelible work which topped the album charts and has sold over eight million copies, while still sounding vibrant and fresh 20 years on.

What year was Throwing Copper released?


Who wrote I alone?

Ed Kowalczyk

Where does the title Throwing come from?

The Old English word thrawan from which to throw comes, means to twist or turn. Going back even farther, the Indo-European root *ter- means to rub, rub by twisting, twist, turn. The German word drehen, a direct relative of to throw, means turn and is used in German for throwing.

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How high can a human throw?

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Spitting Cobra

Can a gorilla throw a spear?

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Why can't monkeys throw?

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