Can you wear a shimmery dress to a wedding?

Can you wear a shimmery dress to a wedding?

Avoid wearing anything too shimmery or distracting. All eyes should be on the bride, and your disco-ball-looking dress may ruin her big moment to shine.

Can I wear silver sequin dress to a wedding?

You're fine. Love the dress. ... I love that dress. I would wear the floor length version but the knee length version will be less "formal" so I can't see a anyone having a problem with this.

What does wearing a red dress to a wedding mean?

Red: Wearing a red wedding dress can signify many things. Red is a sign of warmth and love. It is also shows boldness—a great choice for the bride who really wants to make a statement. Other adjectives include excitement, strength, passion, determination, desire and courage.

What are spring colors for weddings?

Couples are no longer shying away from bright hues when it comes to color palettes for spring weddings. Instead, they are accenting their celebrations with vibrant shades such as hot pink, mustard yellow, cerulean blue, and even orange. There is, after all, something dynamic and fiery about intense colors.

What is a good color for April?

JanuaryCarnation, SnowdropBlack, Dark Blue, Dark Red
FebruaryViolet, PrimroseLight Blue, Yellow and purple
MarchJonquil, VioletWhite, Light Blue
AprilSweet Pea, DaisyYellow, Red and colorless