How do you use ordain in a sentence?

How do you use ordain in a sentence?

1 He ordained his own priests, and threatened to ordain bishops. 2 The recession may already be severe enough to ordain structural change. 3 Did the Lord ordain her maternal exile, or had Augustine bartered her pain for his purity? 4 And so ordain I in all churches.

What does ordain mean in the preamble?

do ordain and establish

What is a synonym for florid?

SYNONYMS. ornate, fancy, very elaborate, over-elaborate, embellished, curlicued, extravagant, flamboyant, baroque, rococo, fussy, busy, ostentatious, showy, wedding-cake, gingerbread. ANTONYMS. plain. 3'endearments in florid English'

What is the synonym of row?

row(n.) Synonyms: [Colloquial.] broil, tumult, uproar, feud, riot, RUMPUS, fracas, squabble, outbreak, quarrel, affray, disturbance, altercation, breach of the peace.

What is Row stand for?

ROWRight Of Way Governmental » Transportation -- and more...Rate it:
ROWRest Of the World Governmental » Military -- and more...Rate it:
ROWRights Of Way Governmental » US GovernmentRate it:
ROWRest Of World Governmental » US Government -- and more...Rate it:
ROWRowe Companies Business » NYSE SymbolsRate it:

What is another name for a row in a database?


How do you say in a row?

“If five odds are thrown in a row, the casino takes all the money wagered on that spinner.”...What is another word for in a row?
continuallywithout interruption
at a timeon end
without a breakuninterruptedly

What does 3 days in a row mean?

In a row means that if something happens several times in a row, it happens that number of times without a break. If something happens several days in a row, it happens on each of those days. Also in your case, it happened 3 days in a row.

Is it in a row or in a roll?

'In a row' means all standing neatly next to each other like a row of soldiers. I've never heard the expression 'in a roll' unless you are asking someone what filling they would like in their bread roll for lunch…

What is it called when you win 5 times in a row?

Gomoku, also called Five in a Row, is an abstract strategy board game.

What is 5x called?

A term can be a signed number, a variable, or a constant multiplied by a variable or variables. ... In , the terms are: 5x, 3y, and 8. When a term is made up of a constant multiplied by a variable or variables, that constant is called a coefficient. In the term 5x, the coefficient is 5.

What's the word for 10 times?

Synonyms for ten times in English tenfold; ten times.

What's the word for 8 times?

eightfold; eight times as great. having eight effective units or elements.