What episode of Boy Meets World is the wedding?

What episode of Boy Meets World is the wedding?

It's About Time. Corey and Topanga finally tie the knot but not without dealing with Shawn's concerns for his future friendship with Corey and Eric arranging for his brother to have a nicer wedding at an upscale hotel.

Do Cory and Topanga get married on Boy Meets World?

Cory and Topanga movingly exchange their vows and are officially married. At the reception while everyone is dancing, suspicions once again resurface about Eric's arrangement. Shawn delivers his speech, which is about Topanga being Cory's new best friend.

What episode of Girl Meets World does Riley die?

Girl Meets Goodbye

What are the saddest episodes of Boy Meets World?

And with that class, here are the most emotional episodes Boy Meets World gifted to us.

  • "Brave New World" — Season 7, Episode 22-23. ...
  • "The Honeymoon Is Over" — Season 7, Episode 9. ...
  • "Seven The Hard Way" — Season 7, Episode 16. ...
  • "Brotherly Shove" — Season 7, Episode 19. ...
  • "Life Lessons" — Season 3, Episode 18.

Why did Cory and Shawn fight?

Demanding an apology, Cory picks a fight with Shawn, thinking that he's jealous of Cory's talent. ... Shawn says it doesn't matter, because Cory is really his family.

What episode does Topanga get pregnant in Boy Meets World?

She's Having My Baby Back Ribs. Eric and Topanga go on a diet because they have noticed they have gained weight and Cory thinks that Topanga is Pregnant.

What episode of Boy Meets World does Shawn's dad die?

We'll Have a Good Time Then

Does Topanga move to Pittsburgh?

This is a two-part episode in which Topanga moves to Pittsburgh.

What episode does Topanga run away?

A Long Walk to Pittsburgh: Part 2

What episodes are Topanga in Season 1?

Finally, in the season one episode "Cory's Alternative Friends,” Topanga was introduced and the notion of another best friend was lost.