What TV series was Matt Bomer in?

What TV series was Matt Bomer in?

Bomer's first leading role came in the David DiGilio's drama series, Traveler (2007), he gained a higher profile after that. From 2009 to 2014, he starred in the USA Network police-procedural drama series White Collar as Neal Caffrey.

What has Matt Bomer been in since white collar?

Bomer, of course, has seen his profile rise tremendously since White Collar ended: starring in the Magic Mike films, joining the Ryan Murphy world with multiple American Horror Story roles, and starring in DC Universe's Doom Patrol and USA Network's The Sinner.

What Netflix series is Matt Bomer in?

Netflix's The Sinner fans left swooning over Matt Bomer as 'super hot psychopath' in season 3. NETFLIX'S The Sinner fans have been left swooning over Matt Bomer as a 'super hot psychopath' in season three. The 43-year-old actor plays Jamie Burns in the hit Netflix series, who becomes a suspect in a murder case.

Who plays Cooper Anderson on Glee?

Matt Bomer

Does Kate really die in white collar?

Adler pulled a billion dollar Ponzi scheme and vanished, along with a lot of people's—including Neal and Kate's—money. Kate is later killed in a plane explosion, leaving Neal depressed and angry.

Who blew up Kate's plane?

Vincent Adler

Does Neal die?

In the final showdown between Neal and Keller, Keller shot Neal and left him for dead in the arms of Peter. Sometime after Neal's death, Peter and Elizabeth named their first son Neal in an homage to Caffrey. It is revealed by a clue from Mozzie that Neal is apparently still alive and living in Paris.

How did white collar end?

The White Collar ending confirms that, despite Neal spending years leading a mostly straight life in New York as Peter's criminal informant, deep down, he will always want to live an exciting, albeit sometimes dangerous, life.

Does Peter know Neal is alive?

As for Peter, he was probably just happy that Neal was alive. Remember, Neal had an ironclad contract with the FBI - he only faked his death so the Pink Panthers wouldn't come after the Burkes, Jones, Diana etc. Which is why he also kept Mozzie out of the con and had to set up Keller's death (hence the blank rounds).

Why does Neal Caffrey not like guns?

Neal used to have no problem with using guns until some sort of traumatic experience gave him an aversion. It's obvious. You don't get to be that good a shot unless you've had a lot of practice, and you have to be able to use a gun to get that practice.

Does Neal Caffrey get paid?

I'm assuming he had nothing of value when being released from prison (I guess all his possessions would be taken from him). He stays at June's place, paying $700 a month [1].

What wine does Neal Caffrey drink?

Château Mouton Rothschild Neal also indicated to Grace that his client had Mouton Rothschild in his cellar. This château is in the Pauillac appellation of Bordeaux, France and is known for its Cabernet Sauvignon-based red blends.

How much did Matt Bomer make for white collar?

The major part of his net worth is due to his television stint. Reportedly, each episode of White Collar TV series earned him a whopping $125,000 per episode. His is offered just as big a check for his role in “American Horror Story” if not more than that.

Where does Neal Caffrey live in white collar?

351 Riverside Drive
351 Riverside Dr
June's Home
Name351 Riverside Dr
LocationManhattan, New York
First AppearancePilot

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