How do you list hotel accommodations for wedding invitations?

How do you list hotel accommodations for wedding invitations?

The wedding accommodation card should match the motif of your invitations as much as possible. Ideally, this insert would be separate from reply, directions, or reception cards, and include the header: “Accommodations.”

How do hotels get discounts for wedding guests?

Reserving hotel room blocks is the best way to ensure your guests have a place to stay near your reception. Plus, hotels often give you a discount on the room rate, which you can then pass along to your guests.

What is a hotel attrition clause?

Most hotel contracts have both attrition and cancellation clauses. "Attrition" means reduction in numbers, and an attrition clause covers what happens if you don't have enough group members to fill all the rooms but still want to go ahead with the rooms you have.

Are hotel blocks free?

Because most hotels offer what is commonly referred to as a courtesy room block (or an open block). ... After that date (usually 30 days before the wedding), the rooms will be “released” from the block and your guests will have to pay the standard price.

How do you calculate room block for a wedding?

Rough Estimate Estimate the total out of town guests coming and use half that number as a guide for how many rooms to reserve for the wedding. So if you have invited 100 guests and fifty are coming from out of town, you would look to reserve about 25 rooms.

What is a hotel block for wedding?

The basics: A hotel room block is a reservation of 10+ hotel rooms. The perk of a room block is that they save you time, money and ensure that all of your guests will have a place to stay during the event you are hosting. On average, group rates are 15% to 40% lower than standard rates. This deal is already sweeter.

When should we send out save the dates?

The basic rule of thumb is to send save the dates 6 months before the wedding. For a destination wedding, it is customary to mail save the dates 8 to 12 months in advance.