Is Cancun busy at Christmas?

Is Cancun busy at Christmas?

Cancun Travel Seasons High Season (Mid-December through March): Winter and early spring are peak travel times in Cancun when rates for hotels and flights are at their priciest and crowds at their heaviest. Christmas, New Year's, and especially Spring Break are the most popular times for travel here.

What is the best area to stay in Mexico?

10 Best Vacation Spots in Mexico

  • Playa Maroma. flickr/ornoth. ...
  • Mazatlan. Just as birds fly south to escape the cold of northern winter, Mazatlan is a popular destination for winter's human snowbirds. ...
  • Acapulco. flickr/martintoy. ...
  • Puerto Vallarta. ...
  • Playa del Carmen. ...
  • Puerto Escondido. ...
  • Cozumel. ...
  • Tulum.

What is the rainiest month in Puerto Vallarta?

A lot of rain (rainy season) falls in the months: June, July, August and September. Puerto Vallarta has dry periods in February, March, April, May, November and December. On average, September is the wettest month.

What is the warmest month in Puerto Vallarta?


Are there mosquitos in Puerto Vallarta?

Luckily for those that own a home in Puerto Vallarta, the largest concern with mosquitos is dengue and we have not seen outbreaks of other vector-borne illness in our region. And, in better news, avoiding mosquitos and their bites is not very difficult. Here are a few types to keeping your property mosquito-free.

Is the water warm in Puerto Vallarta?

Those who are partial to swimming in the sea, but dislike the cold, will be pleased by the inviting ocean temperatures found in Puerto Vallarta during the summer months. The pleasantly warm waters make for perfect swimming, snorkelling, and diving conditions.

How warm is the ocean in Puerto Vallarta?

82 °F.

How warm is the ocean water in Puerto Vallarta?


Where is the warmest ocean water in Mexico?

Among Mexico's major beach destinations, the hottest during the day on average are Zihuatanejo and Huatulco, while the warmest nights happen at Acapulco. The lowest daytime temperatures normally occur in Mazatlán, while the coolest nights are at Cabo San Lucas.

How is the ocean water in Puerto Vallarta?

The water is safe for swimming. There are some beaches in Puerto Vallarta that have very clear spots that are a shade of turquoise but don't go to Puerto Vallarta expecting to see something like the Caribbean. The water is definitely safe for swimming though, unlike some beaches in Cabo and Cancun.

How warm is the water in Puerto Vallarta in December?

In Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, in December, the average water temperature is 25.

Can you drink tap water in Puerto Vallarta?

Puerto Vallarta Municipal Water Not only has Puerto Vallarta's water been rated as perfectly safe for human consumption with a certificate of purity for 17 consecutive years, it is one of only two vacation destinations in the country to achieve this important distinction.

Can you swim in Puerto Vallarta in January?

Yes! The water temperature in Puerto Vallarta in january is pleasant. Swimming in january is pleasant in Puerto Vallarta and the surrounding area. The sea temperature is 77°F on average (min/max: 72°F/81°F), allowing you to swim for a long time and enjoy water sports.