What is the theme for 10 year wedding anniversary?

What is the theme for 10 year wedding anniversary?

Anniversary Gifts by Year
Anniversary YearTraditional Gift ThemeColour
10 10th Anniversary View Gift IdeasAluminum (US); Tin (US & UK)Silver; Blue
11 11th Anniversary View Gift IdeasSteelTurquoise
12 12th Anniversary View Gift IdeasHome Décor (US) Linen; Silk (UK)Oyster-White
13 13th Anniversary View Gift IdeasLaceWhite

When should I break up with my gf?

The first and one of the most telling signs you should break up with your girlfriend is simple. You aren't happy inside of the relationship. ... When there's no flagrant abuse, manipulation, infidelity, or disrespect, it can be easy to stay in a relationship that doesn't serve you simply because it's “not that bad.”

Why do relationships get hard after a year?

After a year or so, the new relationship euphoria begins to wear off, and reality sets in,” Tina B. ... “Lacking skills, partners wind up fighting and shutting down,” Tessina adds. “If communication gets bad, so does sex, and because they feel hopeless about relationships, they don't try to fix it, they just break up.”

How do you tell if you are not over your ex?

These Are The Signs You're Not Over Your Ex

  1. You catch yourself almost texting him.
  2. You want him to see you.
  3. You check his facebook.
  4. You can't stop thinking about your memories with him.
  5. You talk about him all the time.
  6. You compare every guy you meet to him.
  7. You look at pictures of the two of you.
  8. When you see him it feels good.