What finger do guys wear rings on?

What finger do guys wear rings on?

Men around the world wear an engagement or wedding ring on their left-hand fingers. The right-hand is the act of activity, and the left-hand is perceived to be the “hand of mental activity”. Therefore, the left hand represents the inherent personality and beliefs.

Which is the ring finger for male in India?

Non-Western Culture: Rings are not necessary for a traditional Indian wedding. However, modern society has adopted this ring ceremony into their culture. In Sinhala and Tamilians cultures, the man wears the wedding ring on his right hand, and the woman wears it on her left-hand ring finger.

Which finger is the ring finger?

The ring finger is the fourth finger on the hand, and most brides wear their engagement and wedding bands on that finger of the left hand. However, it's not the same in all cultures and countries. In parts of Europe, women wear their wedding jewelry on the right-hand ring finger instead.

Why do guys wear pinky rings?

Why Do Men Wear Rings On Their Pinky Finger? ... Later in Victorian times, men and women could wear a pinky ring to indicate that they weren't interested in marriage. When wedding bands for men became more popular, oftentimes they would stash their signet ring and their wedding ring on their pinky finger of the same hand.