Is Louis really the father of Blair's baby?

Is Louis really the father of Blair's baby?

Season 5. In the fifth-season premiere, Blair continues to plan her wedding, but begins to encounter problems in her relationship with Louis. It is later revealed that she is pregnant. Blair tells Chuck that the child is Louis', and states that part of her wanted Chuck to be the father.

Did any of the Gossip Girl actors date?

On Gossip Girl, Blake Lively and Penn Badgley played on-and-off-and-on-again couple Serena van der Woodsen and Dan Humphrey, and the actors also dated on-and-off IRL between 2007 and 2010. After the two split, they managed to hide their breakup from the rest of cast for several months, which is impressive AF.

Did Blair and Chuck ever date in real life?

On screen Ed Westwick and Leighton Meester endured a six-year roller coaster relationship on the hit CW show Gossip Girls as Blair Waldorf and Chuck Bass. But in real life Westwick formally congratulated his former on-screen flame's real life engagement through a text message.

Did Chuck really love Eva?

Chuck appears to truly love Eva, he keeps no secrets from her and Eva seems to understand him and accept him in a way Blair always thought she did, in Blair's eyes this devalues her relationship with Chuck, and by proxy her self-worth, Chuck even says to her; “you just can't stand to see that someone finally changed me ...

Is Chuck Bass British in real-life?

Edward Jack Peter Westwick (born 27 June 1987) is an English actor and musician, best known for his role as Chuck Bass on The CW's Gossip Girl as well as Vincent Swan in the TV series White Gold....
Ed Westwick
OccupationActor, musician
Years active2006–present

What happened to Chuck's dog?

In The Jewel of Denial, Dan gives Monkey to Chuck to help him learn to feel again after losing Blair to Louis Grimaldi; which rendered him emotionally numb. While Chuck is disgusted by him at first, he then chooses to keep Monkey and has him neutered; as a responsible pet owner should do.

How much did Kristen Bell get paid for Veronica Mars?

With an income of $125,000 per episode of her sitcom The Good Place, we estimate that Kristen was making at least $3 million per year. She first rose to prominence as the title character in the teen noir drama television series Veronica Mars (2004–07).

How much is Brad Pitt's net worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Pitt is currently worth $300 million.

How much is Demi Moore's net worth?

Demi Moore Net Worth: Demi Moore is an American actress and producer who has a net worth of $200 million. She has been one of Hollywood's top actresses since the early 1990s.