What is a sweep train dress?

What is a sweep train dress?

The Sweep Train Wedding Dress A sweep train, also known as a “brush” train because it just brushes the ground, is the shortest of all wedding dress trains. It falls gracefully from the back of the skirt of the bridal gown and extends only six inches to one foot behind the bride.

Can you bustle a sweep train?

Hayley Paige: If your gown has a sweep train, which means it only extends a few inches past a standard floor length hemline, there is really no need to bustle. ... It's important to discuss bustling right away during alterations so you, the bride, can form your own opinion and decide.

How long is a sweep train?

10 inches

Can you extend a train on wedding dress?

If you simply add on from the current train you will have a seam however, depending on the style and beading on your gown that can easily be covered. Adding on under the train to have a "layered" look may be possilble but again make sure you talk with a seamstress before you do anything.

What are the different train lengths for wedding dresses?

Wedding Dress Train Styles Guide

  • Sweep Train. Usually extending six inches to one foot beyond the hem of the dress, this perfectly petite train gives a bridal vibe but still feels light and effortless.
  • Chapel Train. ...
  • Cathedral Train. ...
  • Extra-Length Cathedral Train.
  • Extra-Length.

What is the average length of a wedding train?

A chapel train is between 12 and 18 inches long and is the most common choice for brides.

How long is a bridal train?

One of the more popular train options, a chapel train extends three to four-and-a-half feet from the waistline. This formal style extends six to seven-and-half feet from the waistline and has a dramatic feel. Also known as “royal” train, this very formal style flows 12 feet or more from the waist.

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