Should I get gold or white gold engagement ring?

Should I get gold or white gold engagement ring?

Appearance-wise, there's no difference at all. White gold is more durable than yellow gold. Because of the alloys mixed with white gold, it creates a more durable metal than yellow gold. White gold won't get scratched or dinged as easily.

Should engagement ring be yellow or white gold?

In general, cool skin tones look better with white gold or platinum. People with warm skin tones tend to make yellow and rose gold engagement rings really pop. If you really can't decide between white gold vs yellow gold, you don't have to! Mixing and matching metal colors is actually a huge trend at the moment.

Should I get a white gold engagement ring?

There are two things to consider when looking at price: cost of buying and cost of care. If you're looking at sticker price, white gold is the more budget-friendly option. We generally recommend purchasing white gold so you can maximize other aspects of your engagement ring, such as the diamond.

What color gold engagement ring should I get?

Not all Yellow Golds Are Created Equal 14K gold can be very pale, and for that reason, we recommend purchasing 18K yellow gold if you want that bright, classic yellow. If you like a more muted look, 14K may be just what you're looking for! Bright 18k yellow gold is the perfect complement to a vibrant blue sapphire.